2015 BDC Legislative Agenda

House BillSupport / OpposeTitle / SubjectBill SummaryStatusPatron
HB1382SupportUnemployment compensation; benefit charges Click HereHouse: Left in Commerce and LaborHead
HB1384SupportSecurities Act; crowdfunding Click HereHouse: Left in Commerce and LaborHead
HB1404SupportBusiness permits; assistance and documentation required from localitiesClick HereHouse: Left in Counties, Cities and TownsHead
HB1352SupportBPOL tax; deduction for amounts paid under subcontractsClick HereHouse: Tabled in Finance by voice voteRamadan
HB1655Support Highway logo sign program; revision by VDOT, et alClick Here House: Left in TransportationWebert
HB1372SupportWorkers' compensation insurance; use of experience rating; loss limitationClick HerePassed House, Defeated in SenateWebert
HB1623SupportSecurities Act; crowdfunding exemption.Click HereHouse: Left in Commerce and LaborDavis
HB1624SupportMembership in Multistate Tax Commission.Click HereHouse: Left in FinanceDavis
HB1608SupportProhibiting certain local government practices that would require contractors to provide certain compensation or benefitsClick HerePassed House, Passed SenateDavis
HB1278SupportUnemployment compensation; responsibility for benefit charges.Click HereHouse: Left in Commerce and LaborDavis
HB1516SupportVisiting of wildlife trapsClick HerePassed House, Passed SenateBulova
HB1751SupportAdministrative Process Act; certain review by Joint Commission on Administrative RulesClick HerePassed House, Passed SenateRansone
HB1676SupportDual enrollment; career and technical educationClick HerePassed House, Passed SenateByron
HB1677SupportGrants for earning workforce training credentials; New Economy Industry Credential Assistance Training GrantsClick HereHouse: Left in EducationByron
HB1360SupportSecurities Act; Crowdfunding Virginia ExemptionClick HerePassed House, Passed SenateTaylor
HB1854SupportVirginia Public Procurement Act; small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses; enhancement or remedial measures.Click HerePassed House, Passed SenateDavis
HJ515SupportConstitutional amendment (first resolution); powers of General Assembly; limitationsClick HerePassed House, defeated in SenateHead
HB2395SupportPublic works contracts; prevailing wage provisionsClick HerePassed House, Passed SenateRamadan
HB2344SupportDulles Greenway. Amends the powers and responsibilities of the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to regulate toll road operators under the Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988Click HereHouse: Failed to report (defeated) in Commerce and Labor (8-Y 14-N)Ramadan